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Nandini Nagar Mahavidyalaya College of Pharmacy

“Nandini Nagar mahavidyalaya Campus is located at Nandini Nagar and naturally provided with green lush environment and peace to augment the students interest in studies

NNM campus is a multi institutional and multidisciplinary educational environment provided with diverse educational options Placement training, interview skill and language coaching and outcome based education to prepare the students and meet the challenges of current global trends. The educational institutions including- NNMCOP-. Nandini Nagar Mahavidyalaya College of pharmacy is located at Nandini Nagar campus, is a mega tertiary educational campus and is provided with several courses and programs in multi disciplinary set up.

The institution is governed by the Governing Council of NNMCOP, which is constituted by eminent personalities including managers, chief administrator and academic administrator. NNMCOP offers diploma and degree in pharmacy courses and stepping forward to establish master of pharmacy and Pharm. D programs in the/from the forth coming academic session. The institute is affiliated to AKTU and BTE, LUCKNOW, U.P and purviewed by the Pharmacy Council of India. NewDelhi.”


Age amd Teaching-Learning

⮚ 23-year-old, well-seasoned institute offering diploma and tertiary degree (B. Pharm) in pharmaceutical science(S)

⮚ Qualified and well experienced teaching staff members as per the norms of regulatory bodies.

⮚ Student friendly teaching learning techniques and well facilitated library and reading room facilities.


✔ Provided with more than 7000 text books 25 national and international journals, periodicals, magazines, dailies in Hindi and English and spacious reading hall and digital library

✔ State-of-the-art infrastructure in academic, administration, and recreational divisions


❖ Counseling system for student especially slow learners.

❖ 15 days of bridge courses to recall and feed fundamentals of pharmacy education.

❖ Micro level classes for slow learners; various academic, co-curriculum activities to improve skill set.

❖ Special classes and micro level classes for slow learners

❖ Language, math’s and biology including communication development classes at well furnished computer lab.

❖ Bridge classes for a period of 15 days to recall the fundamentals of science in development to pharmaceutical science.


❖ Good lodging and fooding with hostel facilities for boys and girls

❖ Transportation facilities apart from vehicles of private and corporation sectors.

❖ Uninterrupted power supply with high capacity generator


(A) B. Pharm (4 Years/ 8 Semester Degree Course)

  • (i) Year of establishment: 2001
  • (ii) Enrolled students : 1320
  • (iii) Graduates released : 1200

(B) D. Pharm (2 Years Diploma Course)

  • (i) Year of establishment : 2008
  • (ii) Enrolled students : 900
  • (iii) Passed out students : 860


Bridge classes for newly admitted B. Pharma & D. pharm first year | Posted on- 27-09-2023 Download
AS ON 22.09.2023 YOU TUBE LINKS LECTURES AND ADDRESSES NNMCOP WEBSITEADD.  https://nnmcop.edu.in/ You tube links lectures and addresses by PROF DR K PRABHU M.PHARM.PH.D.,DIRECTOR,NNMCOP  https://youtube.com/@profdrkprabhusviews?si=a6_-ePLx9RTD7qyh 1. https://youtu.be/CDsIBwCAMIU 2. https://youtu.be/GNj6gGG5PCI 3. https://youtu.be/y3B7RmnPnU4 4. https://youtu.be/Yxiuu8oxqhE 5. https://youtu.be/kPfBJiVDJNk 6. https://youtu.be/CYBhGy6TC0k 7. https://youtu.be/bQWxuLkG_LU 8. https://youtu.be/hXaKCApHenQ 9. https://youtu.be/8pZbV3o7EsQ 10. https://youtu.be/DrKqXDfMTHI 11. https://youtu.be/Yxiuu8oxqhE 12. https://youtu.be/36V3viW_H3E 13. https://youtu.be/YDVATW4lXo8 14. https://youtu.be/pQUw-3TDDe4 15. https://youtu.be/B76U_f86mOk?si=G4rngToYPufa0ymP 16. https://youtu.be/jR7GWyXniw?si=v14xYnFTmY1Ks6jo 17. https://youtu.be/pQUw-3TDDe4 18. https://youtu.be/7brnYn_ZMnc 19. https://youtu.be/oOBmDWSwleU?si=uPXX5tSCoZUlN-5S 20. https://youtu.be/gUR6P_vibnY?si=xLfq9Eoto7-jc42V 21. https://youtu.be/lwxOMW1GByc 22. https://youtu.be/WqyEoHRRd9E 23. https://youtu.be/L5cKT7T_KAI 24. https://youtu.be/R49OIDhiBoM 25. https://youtu.be/45DaceGNA2k 26. https://youtu.be/QI3hn23KK1I 27. https://youtu.be/ppfhzFsnnro 28. https://youtu.be/niijSzDNtOs 29. https://youtu.be/L2q1ijul5wM 30. https://youtu.be/AycwOmbNMCA 31. https://youtu.be/B76U_f86mOk?si=MVgXKvrUY9-lbGJN 32. https://youtu.be/jR7GWyXniw?si=uCCesKcBxGhjN2BJ 33. https://youtu.be/RIa7rG_uMKE?si=xOQ2_3teAoJ3pbs1 34. https://youtu.be/RIa7rG_uMKE?si=bLluhKRPGdm-1bhE 35. https://youtu.be/LNTqpcmbGcE?si=VJ2C4IIeW2_1lkl 36. https://youtu.be/g4TM_Y2RQC0?si=XZ7f7fzmsoBm37F_ 37. https://youtu.be/q7iUpDy5ABs?si=d8MWi_Z_VfziK87P 38. https://youtube.coeesYq3g&feature=share ture=share 39. https://youtube.com/watch?v=iwF8eesYq3g&feature=share 40. https://youtu.be/0rdZE47ppqc?si=OkLIETMiBg968Had 41. https://youtu.be/EcnbwwbNRF4?si=uw_RHTqA0peeEM9X 42. https://youtu.be/kvInsMhNGq8?si=Q5hPjnGB5BdaCwpd 43. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CqUwe9uPx1y/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng== 44. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ffKJhFhjR4vGeAp73HqnDAQl4eolaDM 45. https://zoom.us/j/94599149544?pwd=cmcza0wyQ1dDYTBIcHhudnBMaG1xdz09 BY PROF DR K PRABHU M.PHARM. PH.D., DIRECTOR, NNMCOP. | Posted on- 27-09-2023
" Notice " All the faculty members, students, and non teaching Staff members are herewith informed that College will remain closed as per the leave declared in AKTU holiday schedule on *28.09.2023 on the occasion of Eid Milad Un Nabi (Rabi al - awwal) The College will reopen on *29.09.2023 Wish you all the best for celebration of Rabi al - awwal   Director | Posted on- 27-09-2023
The Students attendance shall be date wise filled as A-Absence, P-Present or L-leave both for the theory and the Practical. | Posted on- 27-09-2023 Download
Release of First edition, I issue of Nandini Pharma Bulletin (trimonthly) | Posted on- 27-09-2023 Download
Academic meeting on 27/07/2023 with director at his chamber | Posted on- 27-09-2023 Download
you tube lecture by the director sir Dr. K. Prabhu M.Pharm, PhD | Posted on- 26-09-2023 Download
NNMCOP Academic Calendar 2023-24 | Posted on- 14-09-2023 Download
Academic Calendar 2023-24 | Posted on- 14-09-2023 Download
A speech by the Senior administrator agrees with Mr. Ram Kripal Singh ji, on 23/08/2023,NNMCOP Orientation programme B.Pharm 2023-24 Admitted Students | Posted on- 23-08-2023 Visit Link
A speech by the chief guest agrees with Akhand veer singh ji , on 23/08/2023,NNMCOP Orientation programme 2023-24 Admitted Students. | Posted on- 23-08-2023 Visit Link
Welcome To NNMCOP. | Posted on- 21-08-2023


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